* * * WILD ORCHIDS (2009–11) is out of print; this site remains up for historical purposes. * * * 

WILD ORCHIDS vol. 3: William Blake

Blake Notice
David Brazil

Tyger, Tyger
Lee Ann Brown

John Clarke Voyaging
Patrick Dunagan

The Eyes of Glass: A Bio-Speculative Expectoration on Visionary Poetics
Jesse Glass

My William Blake
Dorothea Lasky

Alchymical Esoteric and Technological Blake Meditations #s 12 and 119
Douglas Manson

Peter O'Leary

WILD ORCHIDS vol. 2: Hannah Weiner

Hannah Weiner and Our "Unknown Collaborators"
Laynie Browne

Apartment Drama
Corina Copp

Fashion Auras
Kaplan Harris

from The Life and Times of Annie Weiner
Jennifer Karmin

No One Asked You
Joey Yearous-Algozin

Jennifer Russo

Hannah Weiner's Clear-Sighted Journal
Jeremiah Bowen

Coda to Hannah Weiner's The Book Of Revelations
Marta Werner

from The Book Of Revelations
Hannah Weiner

Radiant Elvis MRI

What She Read
Eileen Myles

Chris Kraus

The Incinerator
Juliana Spahr

Writing Between Distant Others
Stan Apps

Interview for LINEbreak
Hannah Weiner & Charles Bernstein

Announcing WILD ORCHIDS vol. 1. New and affectionate writing on HERMAN MELVILLE.

from Missing Limb
Kim Evans

Memories of the Holy Land
Benjamin Friedlander

from Memoir of the Last Last Man
Alan Halsey

C.L.R. James's Moby-Dick: The Testimony of the Crew Who Did Not Survive
Donald Pease

3 Transpositions of "A Utilitarian View of Monitor's Flight"
Courtney Pfahl, Joyelle McSweeney, Jennifer Scappettone

Drowning Metaphors
Geraldine Monk

A Gentle Fold Forward for Forwarding
Chris Sylvester

GAM as an Experiment in Gift Exchange
Stacy Szymaszek

Metaphorology of the Castaway
Mark von Schlegell

WILD ORCHIDS is an annual journal of affective/inspired forms in literary criticism. Our issues hope to reencounter, write close to, and trace the unlit flows of our favorite writers, in volumes centered around single authors.

WILD ORCHIDS is edited by Sean Reynolds and Robert Dewhurst, graduate students in the Poetics Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The journal receives funding from the English Department, the David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters (Steve McCaffery), the James H. McNulty Chair in English and Research (Dennis Tedlock), the Poetics Program (Myung Mi Kim), the Graduate Poetics Group, the Graduate Student Association, the English Graduate Student Association, and the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo.